What an amazing article. Probably one of the few articles that encapsulates the problems of this mob mentality, witch hunting and groupthink that social media and identity politics have allowed.

There really is no freedom of speech or thought, because the Internet has a funny way of removing the human aspect of others. We get more vicious and cruel behind a screen, behind anonymity. We can no longer speak what is truly on our minds, because we know what happens when a mob decides to target you. You get characterized as something you’re not, and the activists simplify you without trying to understand your perspective.

Cathy Newman so eloquently showed the core belief of these activists: “why should your right of free speech trump my right to no be offended?”

No one has the right not to be offended. This is impossible because to be offended about something is subjective and can be cast as such a wide net that, sooner or later, anything you say will be offensive and you will no longer even be able to speak. Is this the society we want to live in? We need the freedom of speech to think and grow, and the consequence of this is that there will always be some people who abuse it with malicious intent. We need to have dialogue and not paint a narrative to close off conversations.

Thank you D.A. Kirk . This was such an enlightening post!

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