The True Value of Imitation and Why Trust and Truth Is Important In Society

Society As A Judge Can Bring Forth The Best In You

When utilized in a positive manner, we visualize society as a judge and do our best to live up to the ideals of the judge. We look around in society for admirable people, and do our best to imitate them so that we can one day become “just like them”.

The correct form of admiration is not necessarily to imitate the other person perfectly. Rather, it is to extract the essence of what makes that person admirable to you and integrate it within your being.

There’s a reason why there’s such a negative connotation to “copycats”. If you admire Dave Chappelle, you might first think that it is the “jokes” themselves that make him funny. You might also consider that it is the “persona” that he plays on stage.

The Importance of Trust and Truth In Society

We do not like cheaters within games (infidelity, thievery, deception, betrayal) because it breaks the inhabited dream of implicit trust and cooperation.

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