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And don't worry about "not being original" - if anything, creatives are all copying from each other and seldom make anything truly original. When we're starting our creative projects, we often look for inspiration and guidance. We need to try on a few "coats" and imitate those who came before us before we find our own voice. …

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I've followed Dr. Peterson very closely since his rise to fame, and never have I heard him claim that his ideas were original - he has always pointed to his own mentors and given them credit where credit was due, and encouraged modern people to tackle great works written by great people of the past to educate themselves and thereby think for themselves.

I'm not sure what your grievances are with him, but from what you've shared it seems that your main complaint is that he does not practice what…


There is an ancient alchemical dictum, In Sterquilinis Invenitur, which translates into “in filth it will be found”.

I believe Carl Jung initially meditated on this idea, which was later revisited by Jordan Peterson in his book Beyond Order: 12 More Rules For Life.

For the modern person, we may first analyze this statement in a material sense. We puzzle ourselves by trying to extract wisdom with this perspective, and rightly so because I believe this observation was not uttered as a statement of truth about the physical world.

Jordan Peterson expands on the statement by giving his interpretation:


In Richard Carlson’s book, Don’t Sweat The Small Stuff… and It’s All Small Stuff, there was a rule that specifically caught my eye.

Over the past few years, I’ve been obsessed in a pursuit to learn what it means to live a good life. I’ve read many self-help books and novels that offer suggestions on how to do so, and this one rule has appeared over and over again.

Knowing a rule and being able to recite it does not mean you’ve integrated it into your personality.

The only way you integrate these rules and make progress into becoming a…

The hopeless romantic in me suggests that this is true. But to indulge in it would most likely leave me disillusioned, bitter, and resentful.

We like entertaining stories about the addict, the alcoholic, the unlawful individual, the underdog — people who begin their journeys at rock bottom and begin a Herculean ascent to fulfill their forgotten potential.

It feels good to believe that change comes suddenly, and it happens in a linear fashion. While we might explicitly deny believing in this notion, we secretly harbor a hope that this may happen to us.

We implicitly believe in a force, influenced…


A few days ago, a gunman opened fire in a grocery store, resulting in the deaths of 10 people.

This tragedy followed another mass shooting earlier in March, where there were 8 deaths.

Before police and reporters had time to investigate and release information, people immediately jumped to designate motive.

They pushed a narrative about white supremacy without waiting for the facts. When the suspect was not someone that fit their narrative and shattered their reality, they quietly retracted their tweets.

While I do not wish to target any specific individuals, the people who push false narratives and thereby create…

Society As A Judge Can Bring Forth The Best In You

When utilized in a positive manner, we visualize society as a judge and do our best to live up to the ideals of the judge. We look around in society for admirable people, and do our best to imitate them so that we can one day become “just like them”.

But our true desire isn’t really to abandon our individuality and BECOME the very person that we admire. We admire certain traits about these individuals in society (we can call them heroes), and we seek to integrate those traits within our own personalities to create better versions of ourselves.


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We walk through life absorbing ideas that, at first contact, seem to be self-evident. Beginning from childhood, we were all heavily influenced by the beliefs of authority figures and peers.

Children do not have the cognitive capacity and life experience to process and deliberate the ideologies and philosophies that they are subjected to. Children also need structure and guidance from the people around them because they cannot conceptualize a proper map of the world until they go through the process of becoming independent, autonomous individuals.

They live inside a safe and controlled world, passed onto them by their forefathers (society)…

Learning history can often seem like a daunting and unfruitful task.

In a time of unprecedented technological advancements, we devalue the endeavors to rediscover the past, or as Jordan Peterson puts it, “rescue your father from the belly of the whale”.

Why bother looking back when the future is so promising, so exciting, so new? In our fervor and excitement to bring about the future, we stumble into the darkness without a guiding light.

Our current attitude toward human history is comparable to driving a car without a map.

Our blind and reckless attitude to venture forward presents a potential…

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